Eterna Ecut 1060 E Classic

Description :

Documentation ETERNA :

ECUT 1060 E

Stock Range : Cardboard: 80~2000 g/m²

Corrugated board: thickness≤4mmMax.

Sheet Size : 1060 × 750 mmMin.

Sheet Size : 400 × 360 mmMax.

Mechanical speed : 7500 s/h

- High performance, smooth running, low noise level, high safety features and easy to operate;

- Fully automatic non-stop feeder and preloading capabilities to boost productivity;

- Utilizing best alloy steel material at all critical points to enhance the durability and precision of the machine;

- Protective stops when oil or air pressure is below designed level;

- Hardened steel plate is both precise and durable;

- Entire travel path has no sharp corner to avoid any scratches;

- The specially designed three cam Index System runs extra smoothly;

- Sensors throughout the machine constantly monitoring every aspect of the operation and displaying any

relevant information on large and sharp display, in the event of any equipment or operation fault.