Eterna Efold 650-900-1100 Elite

Description :

EFOLD 650 | 900 | 1100 ELITE

Card board:200-800 g/m² 

 Corrugated board:N / E / F Flute

Max. Belt Speed:320 m/min (420 m/min as optional)

- Strong and steady construction to improve running conditions;

- Modular design for easy adaptation to accommodate various boxes from food, pharma to cosmetic,  electronics and so on;

- New HMI with icon design for easy communication ;

- Wired for connection with other equipment including smart logistic, electronic gluing, inspection system and so on;

- Equipped with high speed electronic counting device for accurate box count;

- Special B-Type lower glue pot for easy maintenance and glue wheel exchange;

- Smart modular design for easy upgrade according to customers’ requirements.